Manufacturing in Internatinal Standarts

All international obligations, environment sensivity, aesthetic and architectural criteria are prioritized in the project phases.

Turn Key Works

Turnkey services by providing necessary coordination in line with needs of customers.

Wide Machine Track and Equipments

It adopts the policy of “zero defect” in production with its state-of-art equipments and expert technical personnel..


Professionally Processed Form of Contemporary Solutions Metalce

Metalce, which has made a name for itsself with the projects it has realized in its field of activity, has recently moved to its new facilities in Çalı Industrial Zone in order to respond more well-done to the intense demands from its customers and continues on its way by gaining strength

. Thanks to the vast experience from managers to employees, Metalce offers services in many different fileds of expertise.


Metalce with Quality Production, Modern Designs and Unique Designs.

Projects which were created in line with International and local  standards and engineered rules according to customers quality, time and budget demands, and it is aimed to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering creative and asethetic solutions. And it is carried to future by METALCE as well…

Expert Staff

We provide services that meet the needs of our customers in the most efficient,quality and aesthetic way.

Qualified Economical Solutions

We offer both functional and economical solutions by minimizing time and costs

Wide Service Range

Metalce Group provides services that dominate all areas of projects within a wide range of services.

Cafe & Restaurant Decorations

In line with the determined concept, original designs and productions

Shopping Mall Decoration

With our modern and contemporary designs innovative lines in your living spaces

Home&Office Decoration

You’ll achieve modern and intellectual look on place with the furniture we manufactured.

Steel Furniture Production

Metal and wooden furniture applications for Hotel, Shopping Mall and Business Centers

Construction Prefabrication

Modern fabrication models are adopted in Steel manufacturing

Steel&Guiderail prefabrication

Manifacture of Stainless Columns, railings and coatings for Airports, Hotels, Shopping Malls.


Conversion of cold metal to warm living place

Excellent Designs; it starts with a single spark, modern architectural dimensions and the aesthetic harmony of metal come together,  and reach the result by blending a professional point of view


We adhere to the modern principles of Modern Architecture in our  design and applications.


Reconnasisance at application area

Preliminary reconnaissance of the area to be designed at the request of our customers.


Drawing projects of the applications willing to be performed in the area where the reconnaisance was done.


Presentation of professionally designed projects to our customers.

Assembly Workouts

Implementation by taking into account the approval and suggestions of our customers.

You can contact us to benefit from creative and aesthetic solutions

Quality Materials

we present to you the most reliable and by producing the most present version

Unique Designs

With our professional staff modern and comtemporary in line with the concept designs.

Customer Satisfaction

We offer always the best and the newest to our valued customers